"Each day your life unfolds on an intangible
sheet called TIME, and once it is
complete, it is lost forever"

- Chinese Maxim



So make each day your very best ... Dude!




What is Time?
And why is it MY most precious asset to
gain my limitless freedom, power, success,
health, wealth, happiness and joy?




is a very special WEPI acronym to always remind us


... wisely



TIME means ...


To Invest My Energy ... Wisely


The word TIME is a special powerful WEPI acronym and KOOL TOOL specifically designed to always remind me To Invest My Energy ... WISELY by super effectively doing super high value things each moment of each day whether it is resting, playing, building relationships or building my precious limitless living career.



Because ...


Time is the one raw ingredient that Mother Nature has chosen to be the critical essential element above all else that is necessary for the attainment of our power, success, health, wealth, happiness and joy.


Armed with abundant time we can achieve anything our hearts may desire, without it we can achieve absolutely nothing. Without time nothing is possible. Only the wise know that this immutable fact is incontrovertible.


Mother Nature has chosen humble time as the one element that she shares equally with each of us. No other natural element is divided with such purity and equality. It is a magical phenomenon with no equal.


And what a magical phenomenon it is. Each and every morning when we wake, each of us is magically given exactly twenty four more precious hours to invest however we wish.


Mother Nature places no condition on how we utilize her wonderful gift to us.


The wise know that it is the management of
ourselves in relation to time that is the key
to unlock the gates to unlimited power,
success, wealth, happiness, freedom

and joy for us.


Time equally belongs to us all!


It is our most priceless possession


Yet, because of its gift of equivalence, it is our most abused and the least cherished of our possessions, because unlike other precious things in life, which are limited, we are complacent with the knowledge that no one can destroy, pollute or take away even one precious second of our abundant time, nor do we have to pay for our daily ration of time.


We are allocated our equal daily ration, and that is exactly what each of us receives without exception from Mother Nature, no more, no less do we get.


Mother Nature knows time is a priceless universal commodity, so she favors no one, no matter if we are rich or poor, genius or ordinary, fast or slow, fat or thin, big or small, shy or bold, weak or strong, healthy or sick.


When it comes to TIME ...

Mother Nature treats

us all equally!

No one is favored with one extra second over another!


She shows no favor, nor can we purchase even one extra second of time from her. She knows our human frailties to squander what is free and abundant, and she therefore ruthlessly guards our future ration from our sometimes complacent selves so that we cannot ever squander even one solitary second of our precious future this very moment.


We can only squander our precious present moment. Which sadly most of us choose to do each day. And if we need more time because of our poor decisions in the past, she coldly shows no mercy and refuses to grant us one extra solitary second of our future ration of time.


Only the wise know that we can only sink or swim on the quality of our own questions on how we invest our daily energy!


Again, time is a wonderful, magical resource. No matter how much we abuse it, with each new day comes the miracle of our new ration of twenty four more precious wonderful hours, ready for each of us to either use or abuse as we wish.


Again, Mother Nature understands our human weakness for abusing what she always gives us freely, our rivers, oceans, forests, flora and fauna, and clean air, and she restricts us from ever obtaining one solitary second from our future ration, therefore the next moment is always kept safe from us so that it is always there for us.


We are only permitted to squander our present moment, and not one precious second more. The next second, the next minute, the next hour, the next day, are all kept in safe keeping from us, for us, so that they will always be there for us in the future to invest or divest as we wish.


Mother Nature leaves the decision to us of how to harness the awesome powers of our daily ration of time.


And out of this precious time must come our FIVE Wealth Goals of -




2. FUN,


3. LOVE,


4. GIVING (to our world) and ...




The Five precious Wealth goals that best express our very hearts, minds and souls.


There is no right way to invest our time because each of us has our own special and unique agenda to fulfill our own destiny ... our DHARMA.


But we must decide quickly how we invest our daily ration, because time can only offer unlimited rewards to those who act this very moment to turn their imaginations and inspirations into their realizations so that they can maximize the quality of their Happy Rings tomorrow.


The wise live their lives to the MAX NOW to lay the critical platform to build their very best tomorrows.


Our happiness and joy, our life’s ultimate quest, relies conclusively on how we choose to invest our most precious commodity of time today. All that we do, and all that we are, depends on how we spend or invest our most precious income of time.


We can either use it to win Big Time?




We can abuse it to lose Big Time?


Only the very wise know that it is not the quantity of time we invest, but what we invest into our time that makes the significant difference to the quality and size of our Happy Rings tomorrow.


Each of us has exactly twenty four hours. With our ration we must somehow manage to balance all aspects of our lives into it.


How we decide to invest our next second is critically important because it circumscribes the quality of our Happy Rings tomorrow.


Therefore, the wise choose very deliberately each day on what type of quality nutrition they feed their bodies, their minds, their souls and their lives, so that Mother Nature will always give them their maximum ration of time, and maximum quality of Happy Rings tomorrow.


Again, we can never have more time. Only the wise utilize this well known fact, because they realize that we have all the time in the world to achieve all of our precious goals and dreams, and therefore they cherish their daily ration of time and guard it jealously from those who may abuse it.


They are wise, they believe ONLY in abundance, and they realize exactly how they choose to manage and invest their precious energy in relation to their ration of time TODAY determines the quality and abundance of their Happy Rings TOMORROW.


The wise know that our Happy Rings can either be Sad or Pain Rings that are limited, painful, finite corrals that hinder our growth and happiness, or they can be limitless Happy Rings of wonderful, pleasurable, boundless joy filled horizons of growth, happiness and sheer passion and joy that we can never deplete.


Yes, only the wise know that we only have one precious life to invest, so they make sure that their lives EVOLVE to their very best by avoiding or rejecting LOW VALUE activities and seeking and doing the HIGH VALUE activities that are relevant to the achievement of their precious goals and dreams.


Yes, the wise build their careers and dreams around their own high values, what is important to them.


And they invest their precious energy by flowing down the River of Love and they also invest their precious energy each precious day to flow down into the magical Valley of Love so that all the limitless power, wealth, success, happiness, friendship, and joy flows effortlessly into their lives.


Remember that the value of our time and therefore our Happy Rings, depends on the quality of our ACTIONS and then our decisions today. So put a high value on your precious ENERGY and you will automatically put a super high value on your precious TIME TODAY, and then match it with the appropriate quality questions that determines our ACTIONS and DECISIONS TODAY.


Again, do always remember ALWAYS what T-I-M-E means -




is a special WEPI acronym to always remind me


... wisely


TIME means - To Invest My Energy ... Wisely


The word TIME is a special powerful WEPI acronym and KOOL TOOL specifically designed to always remind me To Invest My Energy ... WISELY by super effectively doing super high value things each moment of each day whether it is resting, playing, building relationships or building my precious limitless living career.




To achieve your dreams it is critical to place a high value on
yourself, and when you value yourself highly, you also value
your time highly ... and choose not to waste or squander it.


Please note that rest and at least 8.6 hours of sleep a day is
the most precious investment you can make towards achieving
your dreams. It is foolish to be the richest dude in the cemetery
because of poor health through lack of sleep.


So work towards your dreams the smart way
by resting properly each day dude!






NOTE: This special WEPI TIME tool must be read in conjunction with WEPI’s Happy Rings KOOL TOOL. This WEPI KOOL TOOL was inspired by Arnold Bennet.



May the WEPIFORCE be with you always!