Prolog [The Green and Brown Bits]


Please note that the aim of the Intro Green and Brown Bits section below is to save American and all kids' lives by educating them with the Truth instead of dumbing them down with more propaganda ...


Please note also that the aim is also to educate the kids of the world that every human life is precious no matter if it is the life of a person from wealthy America or from poor Indonesia, Panama, Palestine or Afghanistan ...


To lay the critical platform for your ultimate freedom to enable you to transcend your current state of purgatory to reach your true enlightenment.


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Welcome to the Drive ...


The goal of this most special WEPI KOOL TOOL is to lay the foundations for you and your humanity to transcend our limited inhibitive way of living and move to a more emancipating and empowering way of life.




Because clearly the current way is not working, if it ever worked at all. We still continue to hate, injure, abuse and kill each other every day, as we have done unrelentingly for many thousands of years. Our national gun clubs refuse to accept that guns kill.


Their argument, and it's a most profound one - the guns don't fire themselves. Yes there is strong evidence that we have a better chance of defending ourselves with guns if an intruder invades our homes. But that is not the point.


The point is there is great disharmony in our societies when we feel the need to arm ourselves against each other because those who are ostracized from the current wealth explosions, as was the case throughout history, or those who are drug dependent and so on, can only support themselves by violating us.


But many times the fatal trigger is pulled by a depressed family member or close friend or companion. So the gun clubs' argument may not hold true if the attack is coming from in-house sources. So the reality is that we need guns to protect ourselves from our own family and friends.


Wow, what a super cool world we live in? We are all rushing down the wrong fatal path and there is nothing we can do to stop ourselves from annihilating each other.


Our relentless passionate drive to beat each other to a pulp whether in world trade, business, religion, education, stock-market, on the sporting field, or in the sandpit, over-rides everything else. And we just don't care.


One politician recently said that the Global Greenhouse Gas Emission Rules are unfair because only the developed nations have to comply, and therefore the developing world has an unfair trade advantage over we developed nations.


Can you imagine why the leader of the most powerful nation in the world would use such an excuse to justify why he cannot support our global efforts to save our precious planet, despite knowing the reality that his nation has less then 5% of the world's population and yet consumes over 30% of the world's resources, and each of his nation's people generate up to 50 times more pollution than people from developing nations?


This does not include the pollution created by developing nations who produce the pollution because they are producing products to serve we in the developed world.


Is this leader's refusal to join the global efforts to save our planet based on logic, naivety, ignorance, arrogance, greed, or is it just a fatal public relations error in a desperate attempt to secure political power?


Only he can answer that.


WEPI strongly believes that the American people are more caring about their environment and helping humanity then what their politicians believe they are.


Clearly we are on the wrong path and something has to be done to turn us around, and do it quickly.


If the world suddenly became a lawless anarchy because of the global imbalance of prosperity, where would we be then?


What would our expensive attachments be worth then?


What would our real-estate be worth then?


What would our blue chip assets be worth then?


Very little.


So it is paramount that we more fortunate dudes act wisely and choose to help our less fortunate friends today. Even if we do it for the wrong reasons, at least we are giving something back.


The title of this very special WEPI KOOL TOOL is very profound because the word sunlight means a radiant primordial life enhancing energy force that pierces the darkness each morning and shines down on us to give us life. Without its magical powers there can be no life on the surface of the Earth.


Yes we are all aware that life does exist on Earth in areas where our precious sunlight dares not venture to, like the very depths of our deepest oceans where a wonderful array of sea life thrive, and many are yet to be discovered.


And scientists have found living organisms from core samples taken by drilling deep into the Earth's crust under our oceans where light cannot possibly penetrate. But this is not the life we are talking about. We are referring to the life we all know and endure, embrace or enjoy each day.



"Enthusiasm finds the opportunities,
and energy makes the most of them"
- Henry S. Haskins



You may well ask - So what's the big deal, and why waste precious space on such a mundane and insignificant topic as sunlight?


The answer to this most profound question is this -


First, it's a totally illuminating and enlightening topic, if you'll pardon the pun.


Second, this precious Light is the most important light in your life! Probably more so then the Sun's precious light itself. Again, the Light is not the Sun's light but another more elusive one.


And it is this Light that humanity must find before it is far too late for us all.


And if you do not truly understand what it is, then you will never know its magical powers to instantly transform your life beyond its current limited level.


So that is why you must invest some of your valuable time to seek illumination and enlightenment on this most precious Light.


Why? Because you will be able to see the real profound limitless powers and simplicity of WEPI's totally awesome KOOL TOOLs, and embrace them and use them to transform your life into a truly limitless magical life.


Armed with its wisdom you will be better able to harness the magical limitless powers of all the WEPI KOOL TOOLs to enhance your life and transform it into a most magical and limitless journey for you for the rest of your precious life. Now that's got to be worth the investment from you?


It is also a critical platform to enable you to better harness the totally awesome powers of WEPI's precious ROSE ANTI-SUICIDE KOOL TOOL arsenal to arm yourself against taking your own life.


You gotta see the Light or want to find it and embrace it before we can help you to better help yourself. We cannot do it for you. You cannot find the Light unless you are willing to open up you heart, mind and soul and let it seep into your life to bathe you in its emancipating limitless warmth.


Again, the light we are referring to here is not the Sun's precious light, but one that is probably more important to the core and well-being of every human being. Without this precious light, we will also wither and die. At least our souls will.


And take down our societies and everything else with us. The name sunlight is used here as a metaphor to describe the positive empowering light that each of us needs in our lives to keep our lives vibrant and challenging for our entire lives, and free us from our old inhibitive paradigms.


The old paradigms that continue to divide and conquer us each day and perpetuate our pain.


The title SUNLIGHT is used to constantly remind us to live an illuminating and enlightened life each and every day.


And where the Sun's light is an external energy force, the new Light is one that flickers deep inside each of us. We all have the Light. We were born with it. And like our precious R.O.S.E, it too cannot be destroyed, not even by ourselves.


It is indestructible. We can only destroy ourselves against it by ignoring its totally awesome powers and continue to live as we are.


You can regain your powers instantly with one simple, profound paradigm shift to the opposite direction of your current path.


The world has been opposing the powers of the Light for thousands of years and that is why there is so much perpetual turmoil around us. Many of our conflicts go back many, many generations.


And as we continue down our fatal path of breaking ourselves against its irrefutable powers by continuing to abuse and hurt each other, humanity's future is looking pretty grim and limited indeed.


The Light is the path that we must take today that will take us away from our limited painful past, and our inhibited troubled present, and lead us to a new limitless world.


A new freedom. WEPI found one of the most profound explanations of this message in a little secondhand book store by a totally enlightened lady.


In her most precious book Living In The Light, Shakti Gawain describes our inhibitive limited world as the Old World. And she tells us that it is a world that is totally ineffective, and one that we have been living in for many, many centuries.


Hence the perpetual turmoil we immerse ourselves in each day, and allow them to drown our spirits and souls in the murky solution of hate, scarcity and greed. Shakti describes the Old World this way;


The Old World was based on external forces - having lost our fundamental spiritual connection, we have believed that the material world was the only reality.


Thus, feeling essentially lost, empty, and alone, we continually attempted to find happiness and fulfillment through external things like money, material possessions, relationships, work, fame, good-deeds, food or drugs.


And Shakti adds that Living In The Light is about this transformation of this consciousness within each individual and in the world. We must learn to live in a new way that is completely opposite to what we have been doing for centuries.


The simple truth is that the Old Way of life just doesn't work, and it has not worked for many centuries. We must discard our old limiting patterns and find new ones that will allow us to bathe in the Light.


It requires great courage to embrace this new Light. It is a totally new emancipating and limitless way of life. Not many of us will have the intestinal fortitude to transcend the deep cavernous divide that holds our fears and attachments to reach the other side where our new true destiny awaits us.


Where we can embrace superior enlightenment, limitless magic, joy and power, and a totally new emancipating world. But many, many of us will find our will and courage to jump in the totally opposite direction to our current path.


Are you ready to take your profound Leap of Faith today?



What is the Light?


l It is your superior intuitive powers, but it is far more then that.


l It is your unconditional love for your children, but it far more then



l It is your unconditional love for others, but it is far more then that.


l It is your unconditional love for yourself, but it is far more then that.


l It is your unconditional love for all our environments, but it is far

       more then that.


l It is your unconditional tithing habit, but it is far more then that.


l It is your total freedom from ALL attachments, but it is far more

       then that.


l It is your courage to say NO to social pressures to conform, and to rebel

       against the Old World, and do what is right, but it is far more then that.


l It is your courage to say NO to the fatal and divisive comparison game,

       but it is far more then that.


l It is your courage to plan flexibly, but it is far more then then that.


l It is your courage to say NO to unethical businesses that prey on our

       frailties and hurts our social fabric, but it is much more then that.


l It is all the above and much, much more again.



We hope that through the totally awesome and totally limitless powers of WEPI's many empowering KOOL TOOLs, you will be better able to find your way to illumination and enlightenment where you too will be able to allow the Light to flow into your life to guide you to your ultimate true destiny, where everything and anything is magically possible for you.


It is the special Light that has guided the WEPI team for many, many years, and showed us the enlightened way to give this special gift (WEPInet) to every child in every town in every nation of the world. The WEPI team did not invent it or create it, like the TAO, it just is.


And that most precious Light is ... The WEPI-FORCE. Your WEPI-FORCE.


Your emancipating WEPI-FORCE


Through its limitless emancipating magical light you will be able to live a most joyous and limitless life, where superior balance, unconditional love and giving to your world will become your vision and mission in life, rather then accumulation of external power and possessions.


The word WEPI is the name given to this most special Light, as the word Sun is to sunlight.. And the word FORCE is the magical primordial Light itself.


What the ... ?


Now here is where it is going to get complicated. The word WEPI in WEPI-FORCE does not refer to the organization called WEPI - World Environmental Protection Institute, but to the organization's profound Vision and Mission Statements - to protect all environments of our world.


It is the Vision and Mission Statements that each and everyone of us must embrace today if we want to move into the Limitless Light to live. And the organization's Vision and Mission Statements encapsulates what the Light is because they were used to frame the statements.


So the Light is not the organization's Vision and Mission Statements, they are the Light. So the term WEPI-FORCE does not refer to the organization, but to the Light. And the Light is - to give unconditional love to every aspect of our world.




"The emancipating and unconditional love
that each of us have for our world"


We could have named this precious Light the WORLD-FORCE, or the HUMANITY-FORCE, or the ENVIRONMENT-FORCE, but it is far more then each of those precious universal parts.


And only the super cool phrase WEPI could better express the true power of this special Light, because it and the profound WEPI Logo stands for all of the above and so much more.


The word WEPI signifies the union of both HUMANITY and ENVIRONMENT, and therefore it stands for everything that falls under both.


So it is therefore the most appropriate name for such an all encompassing and limitless Light - WEPI-FORCE.


So when your friends say you've got the WEPI-FORCE, they mean that you have got -



"the totally awesome courage, limitless power, wisdom and vision to love your entire world ... UNCONDITIONALLY"



And to give and live that way as well. To unconditionally live to better give to your world.


And that's a totally cool way to live and invest your life. Remember the list above. Your life will be that and so much more. You will be free at last. Free of all your fatal attachments. Even the most powerful global advertisers will not be able to tempt you back to the dark side of the attachment moon.


There's always next time?


And may be the next time you invest in a new pair of sneakers, or dress, or leisure wear, you stop for a moment and consider those abused workers in places like Indonesia, and you ask that a small part of your purchase be given back to those regions.


And slowly we can all make a profound difference, one purchase at a time. You see, we can't not abuse those poor workers because the poor wages they receive are all they can earn for their families - it's their only means of support, but we can ask our big companies to truly make a difference to the people who slave to make their product.


And insist that they make a significant contribution of their profits to the people who help to create their wealth.


If they don't ...


we simply invest in those who do ...


Only when you have the WEPI-FORCE, will you be able to live a truly limitless and unconditionally loving life in the Light - free of all your fatal attachments!


You will see the fatal folly in the Old World way of living, and embrace the new way to total freedom.


So begin today on your path to the new Light, and allow a little ray of sunlight to enter your heart and life. Your precious life will never be the same again. It will be absolutely free, courageous, limitless and most joyous.


And that's the legacy we must pass on to the next generation ... our most enlightened, most empowered, very, very best. And suddenly all the killing, hating, abuse, greed, competing and turmoil will end.


Because others will have been profoundly touched by your courage and unconditional love, and they too will find the love to lay down their lethal weapons of military and economic wars and take their Leap of Faith to join you on the other side of their hell.




WOW, now that's the

coolest way to live!


A few parting tidbits ...



So the WEPI Team hopes that you understand that WEPIFORCE is not some outlandish self-serving ego trip or grandiose or pompous joy ride in self-promotion.


This very special SUNLIGHT KOOL TOOL and the term WEPIFORCE is specifically designed to be your very special and very unique gateway to cast a vast profound light across every facet of your life to INSTANTLY INJECT massive profound clarity and power into your life through WEPI's vast stable of super magical KOOL TOOLs so that you can live to better give ...


And therefore you are better able to live your most precious life to the ABSOLUTE MAX ...


Therefore ...


WEPI ... is your unconditional love for yourself, for your humanity, and for your environment and planet ... and


FORCE ... is your TAO (natural powerful path or way) powers to better give your limitless magical unconditional love to yourself and to your world.



"So WEPIFORCE is not some kooky promo tool, it is the magical light that magically makes everything so possible for you and for your world as you share it each day with others. It is your special gift to your world as you share it with others ... May the WEPIFORCE be with you always"
- Valerie J. Elly



This most precious and most profound WEPI KOOL TOOL is inextricably linked to WEPI's emancipating QUADRUPLE WIN, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, TAO OF PEACE, and TITHING KOOL TOOLs and WEPI's emancipating and enlightening LOGO.




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It is most critical that you build a superior platform that will enable you to better live in the Light. Click on an on-line bookstore and order the following books today - Love is Letting Go Of Fear by Gerald Jampolsky; Living in The Light by Shakti Gawain; The Seat Of The Soul by Gary Zukav; and You'll See It When You Believe It by Dr. Wayne Dyer.



May the WEPIFORCE be with you always!