You Young Dudes Do!




That's Who Owns WEPINET!



You - the kids of the world, every

single one of you owns WEPINET


Yes, every child in every town in

every nation owns WEPINET



Every precious asset that is produced or developed by the WEPI TEAM for WEPI and WEPINET is the property of the CHILDREN of the world.


And it is WEPI and WEPINET's VISION and MISSION to maximize the value of each asset and use them to generate critical cashflow to keep this most unique and most valuable global service on-going so that WEPI and WEPINET can continue to help each nation to save, empower, nurture and better serve the children of the world forever ... 24/7/365!


And in empowering every child in every town in every nation, we therefore empower every nation in the world by default ...


Now how super cool is that?


- Valerie J. Elly



May the WEPIFORCE be with you always!